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Testing Electromagnetic Analysis Methods (T.E.A.M.)

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The following is the list of T.E.A.M. problems availale in electronic format.


Most problems are in Portable Document Format and have '.pdf' file extensions; these problems are denoted with a PDF symbol. Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for viewing this type of file and is available here.

Look for this symbol for the most recently added information

Problem 1a
The FELIX Long Cylinder Experiment
Problem 1b
The FELIX Short Cylinder Experiment
Problem 2
Infinitely Long Cylinder in a Sinusoidal Field
Problem 3
Bath Plate with 2 Holes
Problem 4
The FELIX Brick Experiment
Problem 5
The Bath Cube
Problem 6
Sphere in Uniform Magnetic Field
Problem 7
Asymmetrical Conductor with a Hole
Problem 8
Coil Above a Crack: A Problem in Non-Destructive Testing
Problem 9
Velocity Effects and Low Level Fields in Axisymmetric Geometries
Problem 13
3-D Non-Linear Magnetostatic Model
Problem 15
Rectangular Slot in a Thick Plate: A Problem in Non-Destructive Evaluation
Problem 17
The Jumping Ring
Problem 18
Waveguide Loaded Cavity
Problem 19
Microwave Field in a Loaded Cavity
Problem 20
3-D Static Force Problem
Problem 21
3-D Stray Field Loss Model: Benchmark Family
Problem 22
SMES Optimization Benchmark
Problem 23
Force Calculations in Permanent Magnets
Problem 24
Nonlinear Time-Transient Rotational Test Rig
Problem 25
Optimization of Die Press Model
Problem 27
Eddy Current NDT and Deep Flaws
Problem 28
An Electrodynamic Levitation Device
Problem 29
Whole BodyCavity Resonator
Problem 30a
Induction Motor Analyses
Problem 30b
Analytic Analysis of Single and Three Phase Induction Motors
Problem 31
Reconstruction of Low Frequency Currents
Problem 32
Validation of Magnetic Field Analysis with Vector Hysteresis
Problem 33a Annex
Annex to TEAM problem 33a
Problem 33a
Experimental Validation of Magnetic Local Force Formulations
Problem 33b
Experimental Validation of Electric Local Force Formulations
Problem 34
Analytical Solution to the Problem of a Spherical Induction Motor with an Anisotropic Rotor

Problem 22 is available on the network from http://www.igte.tugraz.at/team22
For more information on Problem 34, visit http://www.elektr.polsl.pl/dspalek/