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Members regularly receive a copy of the newsletter, which reports on all matters relating to the society. It also contains up to date information on recent developments in computational electromagnetics.

Particular items include:

  • Reports from recent electromagnetics conferences
  • Introduction of new services
  • Progress towards the adoption of standards and up to date news of publications from the various standards committees
  • A featured technical article on important new developments by a leading expert
  • Other articles covering a diverse range of subjects, e.g. standards, benchmark problems, case studies
  • Reviews of recently published books
  • Member’s letters
  • Advertisements
  • Calendar of future conferences

Examples of published technical articles:

  • Electromagnetic field computation without electric or magnetic fluxes by C J Carpenter
  • What are we trying to compute? By P Hammond
  • A new rationale for edge-elements by A Bossavit
  • Mathematical optimization techniques in computational electromagnetics by S Russenschuck
  • The automated design of electromagnetic devices - fact or fiction? by D Lowther
  • Dual formulations and 3D field computations by A Razek
  • Integral equations revisited by C W Trowbridge
  • Generation of tangential vector finite elements by J Manges and Z Cendes
  • The mystery and magic of Whitney Elements by T Yioultsis and T Tsiboukis
  • About sensitivity analysis using high order derivatives by J-L Coulomb
  • Stochastic design in applied electromagnetics by O Mohammed
  • A synergetic story of evolving thoughts by L Kettunen
  • How flat are flat elements? by I Tsukerman

Copies of recent issues of the newsletter can be obtained from the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it while stocks last.