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Guidelines for Compumag Conference Bid Submission

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The bid shall consist of a written submission sent to the Secretary of the ICS and an oral presentation to the Board of the ICS as specified in Article VII of the Bye-Laws.

The bid must include the following components: a budget; a brief description of research activities of the group proposing to hold the conference; the structure of the proposed local organising committee; suggestions for the constitution of the Editorial Board; a proposal for the venue or venues (if there are alternatives); details of the venues in terms of available rooms to satisfy the requirements of the oral and poster sessions; suggestions for conference dates; details of available accommodation (including pricing) and initial proposals for the conference social activities.

The budget shall be balanced; any loss will be sustained by the local organising committee. The budget shall include costs for publication of accepted papers in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics and the publication of the conference record in whatever format is agreed by the local organising committee and ICS Board. In addition, the conference fee should be consistent with those charged at previous Compumag conferences. The budget should assume an attendance of 300 to 400 and sessions spread over 4 days. The budget for the IEEE publication should be split into two components: the first is included in the registration fee and covers part of the cost of publishing nominally one paper per attendee; the second component shall be designed to make up the remainder of the IEEE costs and will be billed separately to each author after the paper has been accepted for publication (a typical split will be 50/50, i.e. the conference fee will cover half of the costs of the publication in the Transactions). It should be noted that approximately 250 papers will normally be accepted for the Transactions, i.e. 1000 pages. The future publication costs in IEEE will continue to be monitored by the ICS Board and amendments to the above guidelines may be agreed should circumstances change.

All these items, including the budget, will be subject to the approval of the ICS Board in the event that the bid is successful. Any subsequent changes to the budget or the programme shall be agreed with the ICS Board.