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Notice: This Society will process any personal data provided to it by individuals in accordance with EU data protection law. In particular, any personal data provided to this Society further to this website will be processed only for the purposes of processing applications for membership and, in accordance with the form of consent set out in the membership form, to enable members to be sent relevant information about Society activities from time to time.


Picture from Compumag 2017 Daejeon

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Proceedings are available here


ICS Board Elections 2016

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ICS Board Elections 2016

I am delighted to announce that the following members have been duly elected to serve on the Board of the International Compumag Society:

The Americas Asia and Oceania Europe and Africa

David Lowther

Nathan Ida

Sheppard Salon

Arturo Bretas

Kazuhiro Muramatsu

Jiansheng Yuan

Katsumi Yamazaki

Chang-Seop Koh

Maurizio Repetto

Oszkár Bíró

Stéphane Clénet

Zhuoxiang Ren

In view of the results of these elections and in accordance with Article VI of the Constitution and Article III of the Bye-Laws of the International Compumag Society, the new Board will therefore consist of the following members: Baodong Bai (China), Istvan Bardi (USA), Oszkar Biro (Austria), Arturo Bretas (USA), Stéphane Clenet (France), Patrick Dular (Belgium), Behzad Forghani (Canada), Herbert De Gersem (Germany), Koji Fujiwara (Japan), Kay Hameyer (Germany), Nathan Ida (USA), Hajime Igarashi (Japan), Hyun Kyo Jung (Korea), Chang Seop Koh (Korea), Luiz Lebensztajn (Brazil), David Lowther (Canada), Junwei Lu (Australia), Kazuhiro Muramatsu (Japan), Jozsef Pavo (Hungary), Zhuoxiang Ren (France), Maurizio Repetto (Italy), Sheppard Salon (USA), Elson Silva (Brazil), Jan Sykulski (UK, Secretary/Treasurer), Bill Trowbridge (UK, Honorary President), Katsumi Yamazaki (Japan) and Jiansheng Yuan (China).

According to Articles VI/3 and VI/5 of our Constitution the term for new Board members is six years and will begin on the first day of January in the year following the election (1st January 2017 in this case); however, the existing Officers will remain in their posts until the end of the first new Board meeting, when the election of the new Officers will take place. I would like to express my thanks all members who participated in the elections as candidates and voters and I wish the new Board every success in pursuing the aims and objectives of the International Compumag Society.


Elections to the Board of the Society

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Elections to the Board take place every three years as required by the Constitution and the By-Laws. On each occasion half of the Board members retire, although are eligible for re-election. The term of office on the Board is six years and on this occasion it will start on the 1st January 2017. The officers will then be elected by the Board at the first meeting in 2017.

This time the elections will be conducted electronically via an online system. You will be receiving individually an e-mail with an invitation to vote and instructions how to do it. Voting will be by region, so you will receive a list of candidates only for the region to which you belong. Depending on the region there will be between 6 and 8 candidates and you will be asked to select up to 4 names. It will be possible to vote for fewer than 4 candidates, even for a single one, but you are encouraged – for the sake of fairness – to cast four votes. The system will not allow you to cast more than 4 votes.

Each candidate has provided a short biography and a statement and these can be found by following the link to 2016 Candidates.


The Compumag Society is now a Sister Society of IEEE Magnetics Society

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The Compumag Society is now a Sister Society of IEEE Magnetics Society. Read more here.

You can access the we webpage of the IEEE Magnetics Society from the "Other sites"->"IEEE"->"IEEE Magnetics Society" menu on the homepage.



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