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[OA1-1]168Adjoint Technique for Sensitivity Analysis of Coupling Factors According to Geometric Variations[OA1-1]_168.pdf
[OA1-2]131Combined Deterministic Algorithm and Metaheuristic Technique for Fast and Accurate Resolution of Optimization Problems[OA1-2]_131.pdf
[OA2-1]57Algebraic model for hysteresis and anisotropy of magnetic materials modeled by finite element method.[OA2-1]_57.pdf
[OA2-2]781Magnetostrictive Characteristics in Grain-Oriented Laminated Cores Magnetized with a DC Biased Magnetic Field[OA2-2]_781.pdf
[OA2-3]204Analytical Hysteresis Model and Initial Conditions for Inrush Current Computations using FEM[OA2-3]_204.pdf
[OA2-4]403Precise Modeling of Magnetically-Biased Graphene through a Recursive Convolution FDTD Method[OA2-4]_403.pdf
[OA2-5]511Magnetic Field Analysis of Window-shaped Core for Verifying Accuracy of Isotropic Vector Hysteresis Model[OA2-5]_511.pdf
[OB1-1]636Equilibrated based A Posteriori Error Estimators for A and Omega Potential Formulations in Magnetostatic Problems[OB1-1]_636.pdf
[OB1-2]188Solving nonlinear circuits with pulsed excitation by multirate partial differential equations[OB1-2]_188.pdf
[OB1-3]519A full-wave integral equation method including accurate wide-frequency-band wire models for WPT coils[OB1-3]_519.pdf
[OB1-4]441The Study of VFTO Distribution in the IOCT Insulation System Considering the Moisture and Frequency Dependence of Materials[OB1-4]_441.pdf
[OB1-5]106Study of Carbon-Based Transistors with Semi-Analytic and Full-Band Models[OB1-5]_106.pdf
[OB2-1]677Stability Analysis of Time Domain Discontinuous Galerkin H-fi Method for Eddy Current Simulations[OB2-1]_677.pdf
[OB2-2]147Goal-oriented adaptivity in complementary geometric formulations for electrostatics[OB2-2]_147.pdf
[OB2-3]681Eddy-Current-Effect Homogenization of Windings in Harmonic-Balance Finite Element Models Coupled to Nonlinear Circuits[OB2-3]_681.pdf
[OB2-4]296A Fast Reconstruction Approach for the Assessment of Magnetic Diagnostic Systems in Nuclear Fusion Devices[OB2-4]_296.pdf
[OB2-5]215MPP-Based Dimension Reduction Method for Accurate Prediction of the Probability of Failure of a Performance Function[OB2-5]_215.pdf
[OC1-1]104New Type of Second Order Tetrahedral Edge Elements by Reducing Edge Variables for Quasi-static Field Analysis[OC1-1]_104.pdf
[OC1-2]700Subproblem Finite Element Method for Current and Voltage Driven Magnetic Devices[OC1-2]_700.pdf
[OC1-3]529GPU accelerated time domain DGA method for wave propagation problems on tetrahedral grids[OC1-3]_529.pdf
[OC1-4]609Numerical modelling and material characterization for multilayer magnetically shielded room design[OC1-4]_609.pdf
[OC1-5]489Nonlinear Lamination Stacks Studied with Harmonic Balance FEM combined with Homogenization approach[OC1-5]_489.pdf
[OC2-1]795A benchmark TEAM problem for multiobjective Pareto optimization of electromagnetic devices[OC2-1]_795.pdf
[OC2-2]277A SIMP based Methodology for Topology Optimization and its Application to Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Designs[OC2-2]_277.pdf
[OC2-3]808Variance-based Robust Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine[OC2-3]_808.pdf
[OC2-4]199Shape Optimization Procedure of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors Considering Carrier Harmonic Losses Caused by Inverters[OC2-4]_199.pdf
[OC2-5]611Design and analysis of an IE4 Class Line-Start Synchronous Reluctance Motor Considering Total Loss and Starting Performance[OC2-5]_611.pdf
[OD1-1]523Proper Generalized Decomposition Applied on a Rotating Electrical Machine[OD1-1]_523.pdf
[OD1-2]75System Level Multi-objective Optimization Method for Electrical Drive Systems[OD1-2]_75.pdf
[OD1-3]711The Role of Temperature-dependent Material Properties in Optimizing the Design of Permanent Magnet Motors[OD1-3]_711.pdf
[OD1-4]127Comparison of two forward solution approaches in Lorentz Force Evaluation[OD1-4]_127.pdf
[OD1-5]13Iron-Loss Modelling based on a Loss-Separation Approach in Modelica[OD1-5]_13.pdf
[OD2-1]143A 2-D Finite-element Model for Electro-thermal Transients in Accelerator Magnets[OD2-1]_143.pdf
[OD2-3]329Numerical Method for the Ferromagnetic Granules Utilizing DEM and MoM[OD2-3]_329.pdf
[OD2-4]527Characterization of Electrical Conductivity of Anisotropic CFRP Materials by means of Induction Thermography Technique[OD2-4]_527.pdf
[OD2-5]598Finite Element Analysis for Surface Discharge Due to Interfacial Polarization at the Oil-Nanocomposite Interface[OD2-5]_598.pdf
[PA-A4-10]214An Efficient Serial-Loop Strategy for Reliability-Based ...[PA-A4-10]_214.pdf
[PA-A4-12]229Topological Optimization Using Basis Functions for Improvement of Rotating Machine Performances[PA-A4-12]_229.pdf
[PA-A4-13]236Optimization of design parameters of a toroid HTS coil for large scale SMES[PA-A4-13]_236.pdf
[PA-A4-15]612Electromagnetic Actuation Scheme for Steering MNPs with Aggregations at Multi-Channel Vessels[PA-A4-15]_612.pdf
[PA-A4-1]8Performance Analysis of Four Topologies of Ferrite Permanent Magnet ...[PA-A4-1]_8.pdf
[PA-A4-2]575Robust Tolerance Design Optimization of a Claw Pole PM Motor with Soft Magnetic Composite Cores[PA-A4-2]_575.pdf
[PA-A4-3]410Shape Design of a Rotor Bar for Improving Starting Torque And ...[PA-A4-3]_410.pdf
[PA-A4-4]159A Real Coded Vector Population-Based Incremental Learning for Multi-objective ...[PA-A4-4]_159.pdf
[PA-A4-5]174Characteristics Investigation of a Variable Flux Magnetic-Geared Motor Using ...[PA-A4-5]_174.pdf
[PA-A4-6]192Stable and Efficient Magnetic Field Optimization of 18 MeV Sector Focused ...[PA-A4-6]_192.pdf
[PA-A4-8]207Analyzing and Weakening the Cogging Torque of Line-start Permanent Magnet Motor[PA-A4-8]_207.pdf
[PA-A4-9]213Enhanced Meta-model Based Optimization under Constraints using Parallel Computations[PA-A4-9]_213.pdf
[PA-A5-10]129Computation of Hysteresis Torque and losses in a Bearingless Synchronous Reluctance Machine[PA-A5-10]_129.pdf
[PA-A5-11]146Efficient Parallel Numerical Analysis of Rotating Bodies based on Hierarchical Domain Decomposition Method[PA-A5-11]_146.pdf
[PA-A5-12]185SCSM for Calculation of Motion-Induced Eddy Currents in Isotropic and Anisotropic Conductive Objects[PA-A5-12]_185.pdf
[PA-A5-13]230Parametric Design Study of Electric Motor Using Multipolar Moment ...[PA-A5-13]_230.pdf
[PA-A5-14]316Reduced Basis Finite-element Method for Electromagnetic Field Computation of Geometric Deformation Problems[PA-A5-14]_316.pdf
[PA-A5-1]16Non-Intrusive Uncertainty Quantification with Polynomial Chaos ...[PA-A5-1]_16.pdf
[PA-A5-2]263-D Parallel Finite Element Method with Prismatic Edge Elements for ...[PA-A5-2]_26.pdf
[PA-A5-3]398A New Divide and Conquer Method For Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography[PA-A5-3]_398.pdf
[PA-A5-4]39A new and robust hysteresis modeling based on simple equations[PA-A5-4]_39.pdf
[PA-A5-5]43Strong Coupling Method between Magnetic Field Equations and Hysteresis Model for ...[PA-A5-5]_43.pdf
[PA-A5-6]451An Adaptive FEM Based on Magnetic Field Conservation Applying to Ferromagnetic Problems[PA-A5-6]_451.pdf
[PA-A5-7]63A Fast Tree Algorithm for the Calculation of Electrical Field in 1.5D Streamer Discharge Simulations[PA-A5-7]_63.pdf
[PA-A5-8]71Time Decomposition Method for the General Transient Simulation of Low-Frequency Electromagnetics[PA-A5-8]_71.pdf
[PA-A5-9]100Computing with Large Time Steps in Time-Domain Electromagnetics[PA-A5-9]_100.pdf
[PA-A6-10]394Research on Short-circuit Strength in Power Transformer Windings Considering Residual Stress[PA-A6-10]_394.pdf
[PA-A6-11]520Research on Cumulative Effects of Power Transformer Winding ...[PA-A6-11]_520.pdf
[PA-A6-12]401Frequency-dependent Multi-conductor Transmission Line Model for Shielded Power ...[PA-A6-12]_401.pdf
[PA-A6-14]471Numerical Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Radiation Field in GIS ...[PA-A6-14]_471.pdf
[PA-A6-15]505Analysis Method of Induction Heater for Electric Vehicle[PA-A6-15]_505.pdf
[PA-A6-16]725Steerable Electromagnetic Transmission of Metal Strips on A Magnetized Ferrite Slab[PA-A6-16]_725.pdf
[PA-A6-1]4A Methodology to Calculate Potentials on Buried Electrodes Considering Coupling Between Conductors by the Soil[PA-A6-1]_4.pdf
[PA-A6-2]5An Improved Soil Ionization Representation to Numerical Simulation of Impulsive Grounding Systems[PA-A6-2]_5.pdf
[PA-A6-5]84Waveform Adjustments on Radiated Immunity Standards over the 210-216 MHz Frequency Range[PA-A6-5]_84.pdf
[PA-A6-6]93The Friedman Test as a Statistical Tool to Deal with Measurement Noise in ...[PA-A6-6]_93.pdf
[PA-A6-7]113Calculation of space charge density in negative corona based on ...[PA-A6-7]_113.pdf
[PA-A6-8]268A broadband electromagnetic homogenization method for composite materials[PA-A6-8]_268.pdf
[PA-A6-9]280FEM Computation in the Time Domain for Calibration of Electromagnetic Near-Field Scanning Technique[PA-A6-9]_280.pdf
[PA-A7-1]112Research on the Inverse Problem of Electrical Impedance Tomography Based on Improved Regularization[PA-A7-1]_112.pdf
[PA-A7-2]210EIT forward computation based on element-free Galerkin method for hematoma detection[PA-A7-2]_210.pdf
[PA-A7-4]591Effect of transcranial ultrasonic-magnetic stimulation on neural spiking behaviours in Izhikevich model[PA-A7-4]_591.pdf
[PA-A7-6]259Non-Uniform Magnetic Field Exposure Assessment Using Coupling Factors Based on 3-D Anatomical Human Model[PA-A7-6]_259.pdf
[PA-A7-7]629Numerical Simulations and Experimental Study of Magneto-Acousto-Electrical Tomography with Plane Transducer[PA-A7-7]_629.pdf
[PA-M1-10]293Coupling volume and surface integral formulations for eddy current problems on general meshes[PA-M1-10]_293.pdf
[PA-M1-11]158A Fast Procedure to Assemble Interaction Matrices in Equivalent Magnetic Charges Methods[PA-M1-11]_158.pdf
[PA-M1-12]173Solutions for the Ill-posed Problem of Inverse Calculating Three-phase Voltages of ...[PA-M1-12]_173.pdf
[PA-M1-13]178Presentation and 2-Dimensional Equivalent Magnetic Field Analysis of a Novel 2-DOF ...[PA-M1-13]_178.pdf
[PA-M1-14]281An Efficient Decomposed Method in Harmonic Domain For Solving Nonlinear Time-Periodic Magnetic Problems[PA-M1-14]_281.pdf
[PA-M1-1]1Calculation of the DC Ionized Field with the Presence of Dielectric Film by FEM and Divergence Theorem[PA-M1-1]_1.pdf
[PA-M1-2]52Cauer Ladder Network Representation of Eddy-Current Fields for Model Order Reduction Using Finite Element Method[PA-M1-2]_52.pdf
[PA-M1-3]56An efficient algorithm for accurate reduced models with the proper generalized decomposition for ...[PA-M1-3]_56.pdf
[PA-M1-4]59Proposals for Inclusion of the Electrode Radius in Grounding Systems Analysis Using...[PA-M1-4]_59.pdf
[PA-M1-6]242Analysis of Eddy Currents in Litz Wire Using Homogenization-based FEM[PA-M1-6]_242.pdf
[PA-M1-7]98Large Scale Simulation of Magnetization Process of HTS Undulator for X-ray FEL Based on T-method[PA-M1-7]_98.pdf
[PA-M1-8]197A Study on Comparison of Quasi 3D Modeling and 3D FEA of AFPMG for Large Scale Offshore Wind Turbine[PA-M1-8]_197.pdf
[PA-M1-9]128Lean cohomology computation for electromagnetic modeling[PA-M1-9]_128.pdf
[PA-M2-10]160Multi-Objective Synthesis of NFC-Transponder Systems based on PEEC Method[PA-M2-10]_160.pdf
[PA-M2-11]166Design of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Vernier Machines Considering Harmonic Characteristics of Winding MMF[PA-M2-11]_166.pdf
[PA-M2-12]172Fast Calculation of Copper Losses in Flush-Butt Welding Transformer[PA-M2-12]_172.pdf
[PA-M2-13]155Tunable Waveguide Filter Design using Topology optimization based on the ON_OFF method[PA-M2-13]_155.pdf
[PA-M2-14]364Study on Surface Charge Distribution Characteristics on surface of ...[PA-M2-14]_364.pdf
[PA-M2-1]3Electromagnetic Wave Travel Time in Biological Tissue for Imaging[PA-M2-1]_3.pdf
[PA-M2-2]74Design Optimization of A Novel Scale-Down Hybrid-Excited Dual-PM Generator for Direct-Drive Wind Power Application[PA-M2-2]_74.pdf
[PA-M2-3]88Electromagnetic Field Characteristic Analysis of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor considering Operating Conditions[PA-M2-3]_88.pdf
[PA-M2-4]95Influence of Die Cast Rotor Fill Factor on the Starting Performance of Induction Machines[PA-M2-4]_95.pdf
[PA-M2-5]107Analysis of Magneto-Mechanical Jiles-Atherton-Sablik Model Regarding its Sensitivity to ...[PA-M2-5]_107.pdf
[PA-M2-6]120Distribution characteristic and combined optimization of maximum cogging torque of ...[PA-M2-6]_120.pdf
[PA-M2-7]134The Design of Iron Loss Minimization of 600W IPMSM by Quasi-Newton Method[PA-M2-7]_134.pdf
[PA-M2-8]145HEV Motor Comparison of IPMSM with Sintered Rare-Earth Magnet and ...[PA-M2-8]_145.pdf
[PA-M2-9]156A Wind Driven Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices[PA-M2-9]_156.pdf
[PA-M3-10]589Applied Current Thermoacoustic Imaging[PA-M3-10]_589.pdf
[PA-M3-12]216Space discretized ferromagnetic model for non-destructive eddy current testing[PA-M3-12]_216.pdf
[PA-M3-13]245Shape Optimization of the SPM Motor for Noise Reduction Based on Magnetic-structural-acoustic Coupled Analysis[PA-M3-13]_245.pdf
[PA-M3-14]260Basic Consideration of Analysis Method for Magnetostriction Bone Conduction Speaker[PA-M3-14]_260.pdf
[PA-M3-15]266Portable Lorentz Force Eddy Current Testing System with Rotational Motion[PA-M3-15]_266.pdf
[PA-M3-16]269Finite Element Method Incorporating Coupled Magneto-Elastic Model for Magneto-Mechanical Energy Harvester[PA-M3-16]_269.pdf
[PA-M3-17]298Vibration Prediction of Non-Oriented Silicon Iron Power Transformer Core under DC Bias[PA-M3-17]_298.pdf
[PA-M3-18]695Electromagnetic_Thermal Coupling Analysis of an Outer-Rotor I-Shaped Flux-Switching ...[PA-M3-18]_695.pdf
[PA-M3-19]328Numerical Method for Forming Process of Resin Bond Magnet[PA-M3-19]_328.pdf
[PA-M3-1]413Domain Decomposition Method and Model Order Reduction Method for Electromagnetic-Thermal Coupled Problem[PA-M3-1]_413.pdf
[PA-M3-20]336Temperature rise calculation of a flux-switching permanent-magnet double-rotor machine using ...[PA-M3-20]_336.pdf
[PA-M3-21]480A New Technique of Nondestructive Inspection for Underground Pipelines by Using Differential Excitation Coils[PA-M3-21]_480.pdf
[PA-M3-22]514Design of a New Low-Consumption Fluxgate Sensor[PA-M3-22]_514.pdf
[PA-M3-23]596Analysis of Hysteresis Phenomenon in a Current Sensor[PA-M3-23]_596.pdf
[PA-M3-24]414Oscillations of the Electromagnetically Levitated Liquid Droplet[PA-M3-24]_414.pdf
[PA-M3-25]526Research on Power Transformer Winding Deformation Under Multiple Short-Circuit Conditions Through ...[PA-M3-25]_526.pdf
[PA-M3-2]516Electromagnetic-Thermal-Fluid Coupled Simulation of Variable Impedance Energy-saving Transformer[PA-M3-2]_516.pdf
[PA-M3-3]653D Nonlinear Modeling of Magnetostrictive Materials Based on DEAM[PA-M3-3]_65.pdf
[PA-M3-4]97Easy Finite-Element Implementation of Circuit-Field Problems[PA-M3-4]_97.pdf
[PA-M3-5]111Temperature Rise Prediction of the Novel Fast Vacuum Circuit Breaker Bus Bar Using a 2-D Coupled Model[PA-M3-5]_111.pdf
[PA-M3-6]115Effects of Multi-Axial Mechanical Stress on Loss Characteristics of Electrical Steel Sheets and...[PA-M3-6]_115.pdf
[PA-M3-7]140Vibration Properties of Two-stage Magnetic-valve Controllable Reactor[PA-M3-7]_140.pdf
[PA-M3-9]190Ultrasonic Nonlinear Characteristics of Plastic Damage in Aluminum Plate[PA-M3-9]_190.pdf
[PB-A5-10]484Dynamic Strength Calculation of Power Transformer Windings under Multiple Impact Conditions[PB-A5-10]_484.pdf
[PB-A5-11]510Design of High efficient Motor for Personal Mobility by Pole_Slot Combinations[PB-A5-11]_510.pdf
[PB-A5-12]555Multiple Level Set Method for Optimal Design of Nonlinear Magnetostatic System[PB-A5-12]_555.pdf
[PB-A5-13]189Ant Lion Approach Based on Tent Map for Multiobjective Transformer Design Optimization[PB-A5-13]_189.pdf
[PB-A5-14]485A New Topology Optimization Methodology Based on Constraint Maximum-Weight...[PB-A5-14]_485.pdf
[PB-A5-1]22Loss Calculation and Demagnetization Analysis for a High Speed Permanent Magnet Electrical Machine[PB-A5-1]_22.pdf
[PB-A5-2]382A Permanent Magnet Brushless Doubly-Fed Generator with Segmented Structure[PB-A5-2]_382.pdf
[PB-A5-3]420Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid Permanent Magnet Type Bearingless Motor[PB-A5-3]_420.pdf
[PB-A5-4]487Dual Rotor Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine with drum winding[PB-A5-4]_487.pdf
[PB-A5-5]437Three-Axis Active Control Magnetic Bearing with Asymmetric Structure for High-Temperature Machines[PB-A5-5]_437.pdf
[PB-A5-6]445Loss and efficiency of a flux-switching permanent-magnet double-rotor machine with high torque density[PB-A5-6]_445.pdf
[PB-A5-7]455The Relationship of Magnetomotive Force under Different Excitation Modes of ...[PB-A5-7]_455.pdf
[PB-A5-8]457Parametric Design Analysis of Magnetic Sensor Based on...[PB-A5-8]_457.pdf
[PB-A5-9]623Design of High Torque Density Ferrite Permanent Magnet Motor[PB-A5-9]_623.pdf
[PB-A6-10]300Improved efficiency and accuracy using duality in hybrid boundary ....[PB-A6-10]_300.pdf
[PB-A6-11]349Magnetic Force Analysis in a Gapped-Core Reactor Model under Harmonic Magnetizations by...[PB-A6-11]_349.pdf
[PB-A6-12]366Efficient Preconditioners for Galerkin Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method for 3D Electrostatic Field[PB-A6-12]_366.pdf
[PB-A6-13]404Magnetic Power Loss Estimation in Coaxial Magnetic Gears[PB-A6-13]_404.pdf
[PB-A6-14]385Parallel Solving of 3D Eddy Current Losses in Large Transformer Based on Element by Element Method[PB-A6-14]_385.pdf
[PB-A6-1]10Numerical Analysis and Experiments on the Electromechanical Behavior of Wired-Shape Conducting Particles[PB-A6-1]_10.pdf
[PB-A6-2]183Comparison of Numerical Error Estimators for Eddy Current Problems solved by FEM[PB-A6-2]_183.pdf
[PB-A6-3]109The movement characteristics of the charged haze particulates in the ionized field and ...[PB-A6-3]_109.pdf
[PB-A6-4]202Lean complementarity for non-linear magnetostatics[PB-A6-4]_202.pdf
[PB-A6-5]219Iterative solution of eddy current problems on polyhedral meshes[PB-A6-5]_219.pdf
[PB-A6-6]220A new finite element approach for electric field computation at the ...[PB-A6-6]_220.pdf
[PB-A6-7]231Synthesis of Equivalent Circuit of Wireless Power Transfer Device Using Homogenization-based FEM[PB-A6-7]_231.pdf
[PB-A6-9]295Improvement of the Finite Element Analysis of 3D, Nonlinear, Periodic Eddy Current Problems...[PB-A6-9]_295.pdf
[PB-A7-10]392Data-Driven Model Order Reduction for magnetostatic problem coupled with circuit equations[PB-A7-10]_392.pdf
[PB-A7-11]396A Novel Method for Transmission Line Current Reconstruction in Power Grid[PB-A7-11]_396.pdf
[PB-A7-12]741Design and Analysis Method of Alternating Rotor Core for Concentrated Flux-Type IPMSM[PB-A7-12]_741.pdf
[PB-A7-13]417A Novel Remesh-Free Method based on Finite Element Method ...[PB-A7-13]_417.pdf
[PB-A7-14]436Acoustic Inhomogeneity in Magnetoacoustic tomography with ...[PB-A7-14]_436.pdf
[PB-A7-15]481An Improved XFEM for Field Analysis of Multilayer HTS Tapes with Multiple Nearby Geometrical Interfaces[PB-A7-15]_481.pdf
[PB-A7-1]61Non-linear Eigenmode Computations for Superconducting Cavities with a Surface Impedance Condition[PB-A7-1]_61.pdf
[PB-A7-2]55Low-rank tensor decompositions for high dimensional ...[PB-A7-2]_55.pdf
[PB-A7-3]76The Impact of Spatial Uncertainties in the Magnetic Reluctivity on...[PB-A7-3]_76.pdf
[PB-A7-4]798Compensation Strategy of the Numerical Analysis in Frequency Domain on ...[PB-A7-4]_798.pdf
[PB-A7-5]311A Remesh-free Finite-element Method for Large Geometrical Variations ...[PB-A7-5]_311.pdf
[PB-A7-6]27Eddy Current Analysis of Three-Phase Transformer Made of...[PB-A7-6]_27.pdf
[PB-A7-7]331Design and Analysis of a Novel Inductor Motor with Auxiliary Permanent Magnet Excitation[PB-A7-7]_331.pdf
[PB-A7-8]387Iterative Solution of MTL Based on the Spatial Decomposition and the 2nd order FDTD[PB-A7-8]_387.pdf
[PB-A7-9]391Application of Improved H-matrices in Micromagnetic Simulations[PB-A7-9]_391.pdf
[PB-A8-10]3132D Time Domain Geometrical Optics with Ray Tracing Accelerated by Binary Space Partitioning[PB-A8-10]_313.pdf
[PB-A8-11]355A Numerical Method for Analyzing Electromagnetic Properties of a Moving Three-dimensional Object[PB-A8-11]_355.pdf
[PB-A8-12]554High-frequency electromagnetic field analysis by COCR method using anatomical human body models[PB-A8-12]_554.pdf
[PB-A8-1]42A Statistical Study of DORT method for Locating Soft Faults in Complex Wire Networks[PB-A8-1]_42.pdf
[PB-A8-2]87Numerical Investigation of Higher-Order Mode Characteristics in Polarizer Miter Bend[PB-A8-2]_87.pdf
[PB-A8-3]99Magnetic resonator design in a VHF range using a systematic design approach[PB-A8-3]_99.pdf
[PB-A8-4]101Implementation of Microwave Simulation at Dispersive Material in ...[PB-A8-4]_101.pdf
[PB-A8-5]389Tractable Bayesian Learning for Automated Design of Electromagnetic Structures[PB-A8-5]_389.pdf
[PB-A8-6]105Study on defect detection in cylindrical cavity by electromagnetic ultrasonic creeping wave[PB-A8-6]_105.pdf
[PB-A8-7]688Simulation Based Design of a New Capacitive Probe for Very Fast Voltage Measurements on High Voltage Cables[PB-A8-7]_688.pdf
[PB-A8-8]206Design of cubesat planar antennas using Niobium Pentoxide substrate[PB-A8-8]_206.pdf
[PB-A8-9]273Total-Field_Scattered-Field Separation Based on H-field Correction for ...[PB-A8-9]_273.pdf
[PB-M1-10]712Incorporating Control Strategies into the Optimization of ...[PB-M1-10]_712.pdf
[PB-M1-11]632Performance of Quasi-Newton Method for Estimation of Relative Permittivity in 1-D Inverse Scattering Problem[PB-M1-11]_632.pdf
[PB-M1-12]289Pole Shape Optimization for Radiation Resistant Quadrupole Magnets of the SIS-100 Accelerator[PB-M1-12]_289.pdf
[PB-M1-13]302Distributed Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Electromagnetic Mechanisms Optimization[PB-M1-13]_302.pdf
[PB-M1-14]319Design, Analysis and Experimental Validation of ...[PB-M1-14]_319.pdf
[PB-M1-1]9Cogging Torque Optimization of Flux Concentrated Transverse Flux PM Disk Generator by Skewing PM Poles[PB-M1-1]_9.pdf
[PB-M1-2]549Optimal Design of Thinned Array by Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm[PB-M1-2]_549.pdf
[PB-M1-3]187Global Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices using ...[PB-M1-3]_187.pdf
[PB-M1-4]193A Kriging-Assisted Light Beam Search Method for Multiobjective Electromagnetic Inverse Problems[PB-M1-4]_193.pdf
[PB-M1-5]240Iterative Kriging-based RBDO Methods for Expensive Black-Box Models[PB-M1-5]_240.pdf
[PB-M1-6]512Influence of material and geometric parameters on the sensor based on active material[PB-M1-6]_512.pdf
[PB-M1-7]244Shape Optimization for the Magnetizing Fixture to Reduce the Torque Ripple of the Ring-type SPM Motor[PB-M1-7]_244.pdf
[PB-M1-8]176Field Analysis and Multi-objective Design Optimization of ...[PB-M1-8]_176.pdf
[PB-M1-9]256Shape Optimization of Deposited Layer Produced by Combined Cladding Process[PB-M1-9]_256.pdf
[PB-M2-10]409Comparison and analysis of Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with different Magnetized Rotor[PB-M2-10]_409.pdf
[PB-M2-11]238Starting Performance Improvement of Line-Start...[PB-M2-11]_238.pdf
[PB-M2-13]478Stability Analysis of Power Transformer Windings Based on Electromagnetic-Thermal-Structural Coupling Method[PB-M2-13]_478.pdf
[PB-M2-1]21Research on High Speed Permanent Magnet Machine Power Loss and Demagnetization Analysis[PB-M2-1]_21.pdf
[PB-M2-2]590A New Multimodal Optimization Approach and Its Application to the Design of Electric Machines[PB-M2-2]_590.pdf
[PB-M2-3]339Design of Small Dielectric Lens for Slot Antenna Using Topology Optimization[PB-M2-3]_339.pdf
[PB-M2-4]348Stator Tooth Shape Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for Harvesting Oceanic Wave Energy[PB-M2-4]_348.pdf
[PB-M2-5]367Multiobjective Lightning Search Approach Applied to Jiles-Atherton ...[PB-M2-5]_367.pdf
[PB-M2-6]380A Segmented Brushless Doubly-Fed Generator for Wind Power Application[PB-M2-6]_380.pdf
[PB-M2-7]383Characteristics Analysis of High-Speed Three-Degree-of-Freedom ...[PB-M2-7]_383.pdf
[PB-M2-8]400Pseudo-sensorless Control of Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Linear Hall-effect Sensor Signal[PB-M2-8]_400.pdf
[PB-M2-9]407Reconstruction of Stress Corrosion Cracking Based on ...[PB-M2-9]_407.pdf
[PB-M3-10]521An Efficient Identification and Implementation of Preisach-Stoner-Wohlfarth Vector Hysteresis Model[PB-M3-10]_521.pdf
[PB-M3-11]750Comprehensive Improvement of Temperature Dependent Jiles-Atherton Model Utilizing Variable Parameter Set[PB-M3-11]_750.pdf
[PB-M3-1]784Equivalent Complex Permeability for Soft Magnetic Composites Application to Transformer[PB-M3-1]_784.pdf
[PB-M3-2]78Model of Magnetostriction and Magnetization for Galfenol Rods with...[PB-M3-2]_78.pdf
[PB-M3-3]110Benchmark on the 3D Numerical Modeling of a Superconducting Bulk[PB-M3-3]_110.pdf
[PB-M3-4]217Magnetic lump model for the hysteresis frequency dependence of a polymer matrix.[PB-M3-4]_217.pdf
[PB-M3-5]314Modeling and Validation of Magnetic Anisotropy Model Based on Energy for Silicon Steel Goss Structure[PB-M3-5]_314.pdf
[PB-M3-6]659A Two-dimensional Elemental Operator for Vectorial Hysteresis Model of Magnetic Material[PB-M3-6]_659.pdf
[PB-M3-7]450Ladder Circuit Modeling of Dynamic Hysteretic Property Representing Excess Eddy-Current Loss[PB-M3-7]_450.pdf
[PB-M3-8]423Analysis of Iron Loss Distributions on the Metallic Support in Underground Power Cables[PB-M3-8]_423.pdf
[PB-M3-9]775Uniform Formulation for Newton-Raphson Method and Fixed-Point Method in..[PB-M3-9]_775.pdf
[PB-M4-10]320Torque Analysis of a Novel Radial Flux Movable Stator Permanent Magnet Eddy-Current Coupling[PB-M4-10]_320.pdf
[PB-M4-12]693Demagnetization Investigation for Partitioned Rotor Permanent Magnet ...[PB-M4-12]_693.pdf
[PB-M4-1]44Magnetic field continuity conditions in finite element analysis[PB-M4-1]_44.pdf
[PB-M4-2]805A Novel 2-Dimensional Analysis Method considering Axial Flux Leakage in Spoke-Type Permanent Magnet Machines[PB-M4-2]_805.pdf
[PB-M4-3]85Design and Analysis of a PM Vernier Machine Considering the Effects of Flux Modulation and Core Losses[PB-M4-3]_85.pdf
[PB-M4-5]122Magnetic Slot Wedge Application Analysis in Double-fed Asynchronous Motor-generator by Finite Element Method[PB-M4-5]_122.pdf
[PB-M4-6]223Analysis and Design of a Low Cost Linear Switch Reluctance Machine for Long Conveyor Transmissions[PB-M4-6]_223.pdf
[PB-M4-7]576Field-Circuit Analysis of Torque Pulsations of an Induction Machine under Inter-Turn Short Circuit[PB-M4-7]_576.pdf
[PB-M4-8]270Detailed Electromagnetic Analysis of a High Specific Power Slotless ...[PB-M4-8]_270.pdf
[PB-M4-9]279Rotor Induced Eddy Current Loss in Rectangular Bar Wave ...[PB-M4-9]_279.pdf
[PC-A4-10]581Characteristic Comparison of Various SynRMs according to the ...[PC-A4-10]_581.pdf
[PC-A4-11]585Multi-Objective Optimization of Yagi-Uda Antenna Applying Enhanced Firefly ...[PC-A4-11]_585.pdf
[PC-A4-12]587A Study on the Optimizing design method of SynRM Rib thickness for High Torque and Efficiency[PC-A4-12]_587.pdf
[PC-A4-13]592Integrated Optimal BLAC Motor Design Process for Electric Booster Brake System[PC-A4-13]_592.pdf
[PC-A4-14]599Design of a Double Paths Magnetic Circuit Structure for High Force Density Hybrid Fuel Injector[PC-A4-14]_599.pdf
[PC-A4-15]613Loss Reduction of Vehicle Horn Employing Rolled Silicon Steel Sheets[PC-A4-15]_613.pdf
[PC-A4-1]58A Comparative Study on a New Coil Design with Traditional Figure-of ...[PC-A4-1]_58.pdf
[PC-A4-2]541Robust Optimization of the Shape of Permanent Magnets in ...[PC-A4-2]_541.pdf
[PC-A4-3]255Optimization of Multi-objective Electromagnetic Device Based On ...[PC-A4-3]_255.pdf
[PC-A4-4]246Design Optimization of the Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for ...[PC-A4-4]_246.pdf
[PC-A4-5]557Study and Design of Resonant Charging System for High Voltage Transmission Line Monitoring Equipment[PC-A4-5]_557.pdf
[PC-A4-6]570Shape Optimization of Devices Taking into Account Production Tolerances[PC-A4-6]_570.pdf
[PC-A4-7]717Experimental evaluation of Magnetic Skin effect in silicon-iron core for a High Speed Electrical Machines[PC-A4-7]_717.pdf
[PC-A4-8]794Methodology for Topology Optimization of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor under Line Start Conditions[PC-A4-8]_794.pdf
[PC-A4-9]618Multiobjective Pareto Optimization of Electromagnetic Devices Exploiting Hybrid Kriging[PC-A4-9]_618.pdf
[PC-A5-10]323Analysis and Design of a Novel Heteropolar Radial Hybrid Magnetic Bearing[PC-A5-10]_323.pdf
[PC-A5-11]698Robust Design of an Axial Flux Permanent Magnet ...[PC-A5-11]_698.pdf
[PC-A5-12]283Influence of Interleaving Winding Arrangement on Leakage I...[PC-A5-12]_283.pdf
[PC-A5-13]704Shape Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of...[PC-A5-13]_704.pdf
[PC-A5-2]577Topology Optimization of Rotor Structure for Synchronous Motor Using the Method of Moving Asymptotes[PC-A5-2]_577.pdf
[PC-A5-3]459Design of Magnetizer and Rotor of Ferrite Spoke-Type PMSM for Post-Assembly Magnetization[PC-A5-3]_459.pdf
[PC-A5-4]625Design of Cylindrical Permanent Magnet Linear Generator for ...[PC-A5-4]_625.pdf
[PC-A5-5]286Design and Analysis of a Linear Wound Field Vernier Machine with Partitioned Stator[PC-A5-5]_286.pdf
[PC-A5-6]634The Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency C...[PC-A5-6]_634.pdf
[PC-A5-7]635A Novel Axial Flux Spoke-Array Magnetic-Field-Modulated Machine for Hybrid Electric Vehicle[PC-A5-7]_635.pdf
[PC-A5-8]651Sizing Optimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor for Loudness Reduction[PC-A5-8]_651.pdf
[PC-A5-9]682Electric Motor Design of an Integrated Motor Propulsor for ..[PC-A5-9]_682.pdf
[PC-A6-10]6403D modeling of magneto-elastic behavior using simplified multi-scale model...[PC-A6-10]_640.pdf
[PC-A6-11]660Performance of Block IC Preconditioner with Fill-in for Linear Systems Derived from ...[PC-A6-11]_660.pdf
[PC-A6-12]708Breakdown Voltage Improvement and Analysis of GaN HEMTs through ..[PC-A6-12]_708.pdf
[PC-A6-13]716Approximate Stochastic Model of Geometry Randomness on Interconnect Parasitic in VLSI Circuit[PC-A6-13]_716.pdf
[PC-A6-14]736Novel approach for torque calculation of surface-mounted PMSM considering axial end leakage flux[PC-A6-14]_736.pdf
[PC-A6-15]411Electric Field Computations using Axial Green's Function Method on Refined Axial Lines[PC-A6-15]_411.pdf
[PC-A6-16]786Adaptive Sampling of Physical Optics Currents Based on EFIE Error Prediction[PC-A6-16]_786.pdf
[PC-A6-2]72A Hybrid Parallel Method for 3D Nonlinear Periodic Eddy Current Problems with Motions[PC-A6-2]_72.pdf
[PC-A6-3]312Stabilized Bordered Block Diagonal Form for Solving Nonlinear Magnetic Field Problems[PC-A6-3]_312.pdf
[PC-A6-4]258Application of the Proper Generalized Decomposition to solve MagnetoElectric Problem[PC-A6-4]_258.pdf
[PC-A6-5]453An Extended Thin Approximation Method to Simulate Screening Current in REBCO Coils[PC-A6-5]_453.pdf
[PC-A6-6]493Numerical Approach Using Only Meshless Method for ...[PC-A6-6]_493.pdf
[PC-A6-7]497Highly Accurate Analysis of Magnetic Field by Local-Expansion...[PC-A6-7]_497.pdf
[PC-A6-8]535Slip- and High-Frequency Flux Density Separation Method for ...[PC-A6-8]_535.pdf
[PC-A6-9]600Transient Finite Element Simulation of Non-Linear Eddy Current Problems ...[PC-A6-9]_600.pdf
[PC-A7-10]779Improvement on Estimation Model of Hysteresis Loss in Induction ...[PC-A7-10]_779.pdf
[PC-A7-11]782A New Dynamic Hysteresis Model Based on Vector Play Model for Iron Loss Calculation..[PC-A7-11]_782.pdf
[PC-A7-12]399Transversal Electrical Resistivity Evaluation of Rod Unidirectional Carbon...[PC-A7-12]_399.pdf
[PC-A7-13]353Input and Output Power Balance in Finite-Element Analysis of Electric ..[PC-A7-13]_353.pdf
[PC-A7-1]218Dynamic magnetic scalar hysteresis lump model, based on Preisach model ...[PC-A7-1]_218.pdf
[PC-A7-2]297Benchmark on the 3D Numerical Modeling of a Superconducting Bulk[PC-A7-2]_297.pdf
[PC-A7-3]425Demagnetization Scheme for Avoiding Magnetic Mines Under the Exposure of Earth Magnetic Field[PC-A7-3]_425.pdf
[PC-A7-4]534Numerical Inversion of a 2-Scale Magneto-Elastic Behaviour Model[PC-A7-4]_534.pdf
[PC-A7-5]675An Elemental Operator for Simulating Hysteresis of Soft Magnetic Composite Materials[PC-A7-5]_675.pdf
[PC-A7-6]702Investigation on the stability of the Vector Jiles-Atherton Model[PC-A7-6]_702.pdf
[PC-A7-7]710An Efficient Implementation of the Classical Preisach Model[PC-A7-7]_710.pdf
[PC-A7-8]749Dynamic Hysteresis Behavior Modeling of Ferromagnetic Material Based on Jiles-Atherton Theory[PC-A7-8]_749.pdf
[PC-A7-9]402Efficient Numerical Implementation of a Vector Preisach Hysteresis ...[PC-A7-9]_402.pdf
[PC-M1-10]496Multi-Domain Level-set Method for Design Optimization of Primary and ...[PC-M1-10]_496.pdf
[PC-M1-11]501Space-Time Kriging Surrogate Model to Consider Uncertainty of Time Interval of ...[PC-M1-11]_501.pdf
[PC-M1-12]502Design of Synchronous Motor Using Advanced Inverse Cosine Function to ...[PC-M1-12]_502.pdf
[PC-M1-13]506Calculation of the Eddy Current Loss and Braking Characteristic Analysis of the Eddy Current Brake[PC-M1-13]_506.pdf
[PC-M1-14]684An Efficient Direct Search Methodology for Robust Optimizations of Electromagnetic Devices[PC-M1-14]_684.pdf
[PC-M1-1]28Losses Calculation of Brushless Doubly-fed Generator with Hybrid Rotor[PC-M1-1]_28.pdf
[PC-M1-2]2473-D Structural Design of Magnetic Actuator Using Hybrid Analysis-Based Design Optimization Method[PC-M1-2]_247.pdf
[PC-M1-3]458Acceleration Method of Magnetic Structure Optimization Using Deep Neural Networks[PC-M1-3]_458.pdf
[PC-M1-4]463Design of Cryogenic Induction Motor Operating Submerged in the Liquid Nitrogen[PC-M1-4]_463.pdf
[PC-M1-5]721Investigation of Optimal Split Ratio in Brushless Dual-Rotor Flux-Switching Permanent ...[PC-M1-5]_721.pdf
[PC-M1-6]422Designing Nonuniform Antenna Arrays by Adaptive Variable Differential Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm[PC-M1-6]_422.pdf
[PC-M1-7]793A Novel Hybrid Algorithm Using Shape and Topology Optimization for the Design of Electric Machines[PC-M1-7]_793.pdf
[PC-M2-10]616Parallel-in-time Simulation of Eddy Current Problems using Parareal[PC-M2-10]_616.pdf
[PC-M2-11]560The Solution of Multi-scale HVDC Geoelectric Current Field by ...[PC-M2-11]_560.pdf
[PC-M2-12]567Magnetic field Energy Calculated by Magnetic Vector Potential in Open-Loop Problems[PC-M2-12]_567.pdf
[PC-M2-13]615Investigating the Sensitivity of Frequency Response Function to ... ...[PC-M2-13]_615.pdf
[PC-M2-14]637Adaptive Stopping Criteria for Iterative Solver Applied to ...[PC-M2-14]_637.pdf
[PC-M2-1]18A Coarse Matrix Iterative Solver for Magnetostatic Domain Decomposition Analysis[PC-M2-1]_18.pdf
[PC-M2-2]175Presentation of a Novel Transverse-Flux Permanent Magnet Linear Motor and ...[PC-M2-2]_175.pdf
[PC-M2-3]132The DPC-Hysteresis Model in Two-Dimensional Magnetostatic Finite Element Analysis[PC-M2-3]_132.pdf
[PC-M2-4]661Study on thin open crack detectability of NDT induction thermography technique for magnetic material[PC-M2-4]_661.pdf
[PC-M2-5]439Finite Element Analysis of Unbounded Eddy-Current Problem with Cauer ...[PC-M2-5]_439.pdf
[PC-M2-6]461Analytical Calculation of Magnetic Field Distribution in Vernier Machines with Doubly Salient Structure[PC-M2-6]_461.pdf
[PC-M2-7]108Influence of Shielding on the Magnetic Field Measurement by Direct H-Coil Method in a Double-Yoked SST[PC-M2-7]_108.pdf
[PC-M2-8]522Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Modeling of an Axial-Field Magnetic Gear[PC-M2-8]_522.pdf
[PC-M2-9]548Optimized Field_Circuit Coupling for the Simulation of Quenches in Superconducting Magnets[PC-M2-9]_548.pdf
[PC-M3-10]142Analysis of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors Using ...[PC-M3-10]_142.pdf
[PC-M3-11]186A 3D-PEEC Formulation Based on the Cell Method for Full-Wave ...[PC-M3-11]_186.pdf
[PC-M3-12]203Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multi-Scale FEM for the Eddy Current Problem in Laminated Materials[PC-M3-12]_203.pdf
[PC-M3-13]221Implementation of an Effective Height of Bent Thin-Wire in ...[PC-M3-13]_221.pdf
[PC-M3-14]239Design and Application of 2-Dimensional Equivalent Model for a ...[PC-M3-14]_239.pdf
[PC-M3-15]278Quasi-3D Finite-Element Method for Simulating Cylindrical Induction Heating Devices[PC-M3-15]_278.pdf
[PC-M3-16]467H-formulation using the Discontinuous Galerkin method for the 3D Modeling of Superconductors[PC-M3-16]_467.pdf
[PC-M3-17]619Modelling of Magnetic Characteristics of Soft Magnetic Composite Using Magnetic Field Analysis[PC-M3-17]_619.pdf
[PC-M3-19]691A High Efficient Post-Possessing Method for Computing Magnetic ...[PC-M3-19]_691.pdf
[PC-M3-1]7Generalized 3D Strong Coupled Model of Electrical Machines Closed in Loop with PI Controller[PC-M3-1]_7.pdf
[PC-M3-20]154Electromagnetic Field Analysis Considering Reaction Field Caused by ...[PC-M3-20]_154.pdf
[PC-M3-2]35Microwave Measurement of Initial Properties of Ferrites using Mode Splitting ...[PC-M3-2]_35.pdf
[PC-M3-3]69Core Loss Calculation Based On Finite Element Method with Jiles_Atherton Dynamic Hysteresis Model[PC-M3-3]_69.pdf
[PC-M3-4]70Study of Magnetoconvection Impact on a Solenoid Coil Cooling by ..[PC-M3-4]_70.pdf
[PC-M3-5]91Building Real Subspaces for Projection Based Model Order Reduction ...[PC-M3-5]_91.pdf
[PC-M3-6]96New algorithm for the source field component determination with ...[PC-M3-6]_96.pdf
[PC-M3-7]658Modeling and Analysis on Quasi-parallel Magnetic Field Created by Magnetic Rings Array[PC-M3-7]_658.pdf
[PC-M3-8]384Data-Driven Multi-Element Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos for Uncertainty Quantification in Sensors[PC-M3-8]_384.pdf
[PC-M3-9]130Research on Grounding Grids Imaging Reconstruction Based on Magnetic Detection Electrical Impedance[PC-M3-9]_130.pdf
[PD-A5-10]787A Novel Multimodal Optimization Algorithm Using a Subgroup Concept for the Design of Electric Machines[PD-A5-10]_787.pdf
[PD-A5-11]791A Novel Strategy-Selelcting Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Designing Electromagnetic Machines[PD-A5-11]_791.pdf
[PD-A5-12]473Comparison of the Radial Force at the Modulating Pieces in ...[PD-A5-12]_473.pdf
[PD-A5-13]271Coil Design Multi-Objective Optimization of Power Pad in WPT System for EV Applications[PD-A5-13]_271.pdf
[PD-A5-14]804Optimal Design for Cogging Torque Reduction of an IPMSM Using PSO with Anti-Submarine Operation Concept[PD-A5-14]_804.pdf
[PD-A5-1]73Optimal Design of a New Modular Flux-Concentrated Doubly Salient Machine...[PD-A5-1]_73.pdf
[PD-A5-2]209Simulation on Electric Field Affected by Space Charge in ...[PD-A5-2]_209.pdf
[PD-A5-3]332Characteristics Analysis of a Novel Motor with Two Controllable Rotors Employing 3-D FEM[PD-A5-3]_332.pdf
[PD-A5-4]553Continuum Sensitivity Analysis and Shape Optimization of ...[PD-A5-4]_553.pdf
[PD-A5-5]572Multilevel Design Optimization of a Claw Pole PM Motor with ...[PD-A5-5]_572.pdf
[PD-A5-6]694Parameter Sensitivities Analysis and Optimization Design for Permanent Magnet Flux-Switching Motor by ...[PD-A5-6]_694.pdf
[PD-A5-7]714Effect of Acoustic Noise on Optimal SynRM Design Regions[PD-A5-7]_714.pdf
[PD-A5-8]472Uniform Magnetic Field distribution for free-positioning wireless power transfer system[PD-A5-8]_472.pdf
[PD-A5-9]777Comparison of Reliability Analysis Between Regression Kriging and Sensitivity Assisted MCS Methods for...[PD-A5-9]_777.pdf
[PD-A6-10]157Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Magnetostatic Field Problems in Two Dimensions[PD-A6-10]_157.pdf
[PD-A6-11]718Simulation on Dual Laterolog Response based on the Circumferential Magnetic Field Strength Method[PD-A6-11]_718.pdf
[PD-A6-12]757Calculation of Electric_Magnetic field under Power Transmission Line...[PD-A6-12]_757.pdf
[PD-A6-13]652A Novel Approach for Axial End Leakage Flux of Spoke-type Interior Permanent ..[PD-A6-13]_652.pdf
[PD-A6-1]20Nonlinear Three-Port Magnetic-Circuit Element for Ferromagnetic Yokes of Accelerator Magnet[PD-A6-1]_20.pdf
[PD-A6-2]648A Convection-Conduction Model for Electrohydrodynamic Simulations[PD-A6-2]_648.pdf
[PD-A6-3]212A geometric formulation to solve eddy current problems in ...[PD-A6-3]_212.pdf
[PD-A6-5]643Finite Element Analysis of Local Flux Density Variation Considering PWM Current Harmonics[PD-A6-5]_643.pdf
[PD-A6-6]644Magnetic Signature Prediction of Submarine Considering Mechanical Stress by Water Pressure[PD-A6-6]_644.pdf
[PD-A6-8]6632D Volume Integral Formulations for Nonlinear Magneto-static Field...[PD-A6-8]_663.pdf
[PD-A6-9]681Eddy-Current-Effect Homogenization of Windings in...[PD-A6-9]_681.pdf
[PD-A7-10]406Efficient NVH-Modeling of a Disc Rotor Axial-Flux Synchronous Motor as ..[PD-A7-10]_406.pdf
[PD-A7-11]434A research on the Demagnetization and Demagnetizing Factors for Normal Shape of Magnetic Materials[PD-A7-11]_434.pdf
[PD-A7-12]4683D Equivalent Model to Compute the Electro-Magnetic...[PD-A7-12]_468.pdf
[PD-A7-13]492Distributed Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin MHD Solver[PD-A7-13]_492.pdf
[PD-A7-14]499Theoretical Energy Dissipation and Numerical Calculation of Passive Magnetic Fluid Damper[PD-A7-14]_499.pdf
[PD-A7-15]536PWM Core-loss Analysis of Permanent Magnet Motor Using Current-Waveform[PD-A7-15]_536.pdf
[PD-A7-16]543A Fully GPU Solution Using Meshless Petrov Galerkin Local[PD-A7-16]_543.pdf
[PD-A7-18]617Development of a Reluctance Mesh Generator[PD-A7-18]_617.pdf
[PD-A7-19]672Efficient Perturbation Method for Computing Two-Port Parameter ...[PD-A7-19]_672.pdf
[PD-A7-1]282A Two Dimensional Nonlinear Ambipolar Diffusion Equation Mode...[PD-A7-1]_282.pdf
[PD-A7-20]532An Electrothermal Lumped Modeling Approach for Thin Bond Wires in Microelectronic Chip Packages[PD-A7-20]_532.pdf
[PD-A7-2]304Solution of 2D Electromagnetic Scattering Using IEFG-UPML Method[PD-A7-2]_304.pdf
[PD-A7-3]352The Planar Layered Two-Phase System Model of Frequency Response...[PD-A7-3]_352.pdf
[PD-A7-4]365Influence of Magnetic Measurement Modeling on the Solution of .....[PD-A7-4]_365.pdf
[PD-A7-5]371A 3-D Electromagnetic Force Analytical Model for Air-core ...[PD-A7-5]_371.pdf
[PD-A7-6]379A Piecewise Linear Hysteresis Model for NdFeB Considering Temperature Effects[PD-A7-6]_379.pdf
[PD-A7-7]124Design and Performance Analysis of a Novel Rotary Transformer for Brushless Application[PD-A7-7]_124.pdf
[PD-A7-8]114An Exact Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Model for Analysis of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors[PD-A7-8]_114.pdf
[PD-A7-9]393Analysis of the UPML Design Parameters in the Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering[PD-A7-9]_393.pdf
[PD-M1-10]705Hybrid Cross Approximation and Shared-Memory Programming for the Electric Field Integral Equation[PD-M1-10]_705.pdf
[PD-M1-11]761High-Resolution Millimeter Wave Ground Based-SAR Imaging via Compressed Sensing[PD-M1-11]_761.pdf
[PD-M1-1]317Digital Filtering Technique in SB FDTD for SPP Propagation Modelling on Graphene Based Optical Structures[PD-M1-1]_317.pdf
[PD-M1-2]362A Numerical Method for Analyzing Electromagnetic Properties of...[PD-M1-2]_362.pdf
[PD-M1-3]102Systematic Design of Grating Structure to Induce Surface Plasmon Resonance at the Prescribed Wavelength[PD-M1-3]_102.pdf
[PD-M1-4]433Optimum Design of a Patch Antenna with Metamaterial[PD-M1-4]_433.pdf
[PD-M1-5]500Electromagnetic simulation of rotating propeller blades for radar detection purposes[PD-M1-5]_500.pdf
[PD-M1-7]605Multi-Domain Transmission Conditions for Domain Decomposition Methods Applied to Scattering Problems[PD-M1-7]_605.pdf
[PD-M1-8]138Interactive Electromagnetic Simulation for Optimizing Photonic Crystal Waveguides Using GPU[PD-M1-8]_138.pdf
[PD-M2-10]50Design and Analysis of a Brushless DC Machine for a Miniature Battery Electric Vehicle[PD-M2-10]_50.pdf
[PD-M2-11]799Rapid Electromagnetic Analysis and Design using Flux Tubes[PD-M2-11]_799.pdf
[PD-M2-1]390A Fast Solution of Rotor Harmonic Losses in Cage Induction Motors by Time-Stepping Finite Element Method[PD-M2-1]_390.pdf
[PD-M2-2]252A Torque Compensation Control Scheme of PMSM considering a Wide Variation of Permanent Magnet Temperature[PD-M2-2]_252.pdf
[PD-M2-3]475Double-Circulatory Thermal Analyses of a Water-Cooled Permanent Magnet Motor ...[PD-M2-3]_475.pdf
[PD-M2-5]578Development of a Simplified Transformer Model for Transient Studies[PD-M2-5]_578.pdf
[PD-M2-6]614Calculation of Temperature Variation Effects on AC losses in HTS coils[PD-M2-6]_614.pdf
[PD-M2-7]361Transient Behaviour of Large Transformer Windings Taking Capacitances and Eddy Currents into Account[PD-M2-7]_361.pdf
[PD-M2-8]697Inverse Updating Method of High-frequency Equivalent Circuit Model in...[PD-M2-8]_697.pdf
[PD-M2-9]729A Novel Method for Calculating Airgap Permeance of PM Machines Based on Equivalent Electrostatic FEA[PD-M2-9]_729.pdf
[PD-M3-10]738Design of an Axial Flux Permanent Synchronous Motor with Segmented Cores[PD-M3-10]_738.pdf
[PD-M3-11]743Taguchi Robust Design Optimization for Water Cooled ISG ...[PD-M3-11]_743.pdf
[PD-M3-12]751Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Tubular Linear Generator for Direct-Driver Wave Energy Conversion[PD-M3-12]_751.pdf
[PD-M3-13]755A New Multimodal Robust Optimization for Cogging Torque Reduction of Interior Permanent Magnet Motor[PD-M3-13]_755.pdf
[PD-M3-14]771Core Loss Analysis of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator Considering the 3-D Flux Path[PD-M3-14]_771.pdf
[PD-M3-15]774Robust Optimization for Reducing Cogging Torque of Permanent ...[PD-M3-15]_774.pdf
[PD-M3-2]776A Novel Hybrid Algorithm of Black Hole and Differential Evolution for ...[PD-M3-2]_776.pdf
[PD-M3-3]251DC Current Control Method of Current Superimposition Variable Flux Reluctance Machine[PD-M3-3]_251.pdf
[PD-M3-5]703Modeling of Return Strokes with Their Initiation Processes under Consideration[PD-M3-5]_703.pdf
[PD-M3-6]713Automated Design of Rotor Topology for Synchronous Reluctance Machines considering Motor Control Strategies[PD-M3-6]_713.pdf
[PD-M3-8]719Analytical Modeling of Switched Flux Memory Machine[PD-M3-8]_719.pdf
[PD-M3-9]727Investigation of the forces acting on the coils of a Modular Slotless Permanent Magnet Generator[PD-M3-9]_727.pdf
[PD-M4-10]593A Study of Arc Modelling in Low-Voltage Switching Devices[PD-M4-10]_593.pdf
[PD-M4-11]627Efficient Algorithm for Coupled Problem Simulation of High Dynamic Electromagnetic Actuators[PD-M4-11]_627.pdf
[PD-M4-12]674Conductivity Reconstruction and Numerical Simulation for Magnetically Mediated Thermoacoustic Imaging[PD-M4-12]_674.pdf
[PD-M4-13]679Lightning strike effects on composite aircraft[PD-M4-13]_679.pdf
[PD-M4-14]690Magnetic Field Harmonics and its Effect on Vibration in a Bridge Configured Winding Induction Motor[PD-M4-14]_690.pdf
[PD-M4-2]388Electromagnetic and Structural Coupling Analysis of Hybrid Driven PM Multi-DOF Motor[PD-M4-2]_388.pdf
[PD-M4-3]45FEM modeling of five-phase magnetoelectric composites for energy transducers[PD-M4-3]_45.pdf
[PD-M4-5]430Electromagnetic-Thermal-Fluidic Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine by Bi-directional Method[PD-M4-5]_430.pdf
[PD-M4-6]460A Study on Analytical Methods of FEM-based Edge Heating System[PD-M4-6]_460.pdf
[PD-M4-7]544Bezier Curve-based Shape Optimization of SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker[PD-M4-7]_544.pdf
[PD-M4-8]201Research on Stress Characteristics of Shunt Reactor Considering Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Anisotropy[PD-M4-8]_201.pdf